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What is the Dermatology
Review Panel?

Many consumers are confused by claims made regarding consumer products, especially skin care products. The Dermatology Review Panel™, a division of DRP Dermatology Inc. ("DRP") has been formed to provide an independent dermatologists' review of non-prescription skin care products ...



  What is the DRP
         Introduction by Dr. R. Thomas

The Dermatology Review Panel is comprised of key dermatologists from across Canada. The Dermatology Review Panel is comprised of key dermatologists from across Canada.
These physicians were selected based on their expertise in various skin care areas, geographical diversity and dedication to the mission of this program.

When you submit your product submission form, supporting data and review fee, your product will go through a standardized review process by three reviewers from the panel. Those results are tabulated and a final decision is rendered by the Board of Governors. The seal is available to all products that meet the criteria set-out by the panel.

A promotional plan will be implemented in order to help educate consumers and create awareness. This includes a website (English and French) that explains the purpose of the review process and the seal and provides a list of approved products and the claims that were reviewed.

Upon approval and receipt of the licence fee, you will receive a high resolution "Seal of Approval" for use on your product's packaging, advertisements and any other promotional vehicles within Canada. Once granted, your Seal will be valid for a 3 year licensing period, subject to the terms of the Agreement. Each product is subject to an annual licensing fee.

After the 3 year licensing period, resubmission of the application and data is required. This is to ensure that your product still meets the standards of the Dermatology Review Panel and to review any additional information that has become available. If there are any changes to your product during the 3 year licensing agreement, a new submission is required.
The Dermatology Review Panel offers a discounted review fee and annual license fee for similar products in the same product line and with the same brand name.

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